Virtual Receptionist Services Can Make or Break Your Business

Small to medium size business owners wear many belts when it comes to an organization's operations.
However, they lose one valuable currency they can't get back; Time.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Below are 5 reasons you should consider hiring a virtual receptionist service for your small business

Virtual Receptionist 24/7 Support

Consumer report surveys deduce that over 75% of customers are highly put off when they can’t get a live person on the phone. 
Thus, every missed call is another missed opportunity. Living and doing business in a 24/7 world, customers seek prompt response when faced with a problem, not only when you are available. Hence, virtual receptionist for small business is your cue to resolve this gap in customer services. 
On a live call, a virtual receptionist can take care of pretty much everything a traditional receptionist does, including: 

  • Answering Calls
  • Become a representative of your business to callers
  • Transferring calls
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Taking messages
  • Gathering and conveying info on your behalf
  • Making outbound calls
  • Solving customer/client issues
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Humanizing Customer Support

80% of callers hang up when they encounter voicemail.
No one wants to talk to a machine. In an automated world, the freedom of interacting with a real live person can't be overstated. For businesses, offering on-brand and people-powered services are essential.

Capture Potential Leads with the Best Virtual Receptionist

More than 60% of users call a business when they are ready to buy.
This means one needs to be ready to convert when they get a call. Even when the caller isn't interested in buying, your business must always be ready to respond and evaluate their interests, needs, and requirements.
It doesn't end here, though – live call answering is just one facet of a virtual receptionist service.
Your virtual receptionist can take messages, solve problems and issues as they appear, and qualify leads. Newer prospects become valuable when you pursue them.
With a virtual receptionist ready to prioritize and identify new leads, you can shift your focus on engaging with your current customer base.

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Focusing on Core Business Operations

With the best virtual receptionist service at your hand, you have more time to focus on your core operations.
Handling queries from potential leads and customers is important, but it's not the only part of your business operations. You must focus on providing quality services – and with a team of the best virtual receptionist fielding your calls – you can freely focus on the core of your business.

Personalized Services

70% or more have recommended, chosen, and paid more for a brand that offers personalized experiences or services.
Customers of today want a service tailored to their needs. Plus, returning customers do not want to go through the hassle of submitting the same info time and again.
Virtual receptionist service agents can assign key details against customer profiles and greet the return customers with personalized responses.
Dialify helps you develop custom scripts for launching new campaigns – aiding you in maintaining brand consistency without having to pay extra for the cost of a full-time in-house receptionist team. Landing you more time and resources to capitalize on potential opportunities captured by your very own outsourced virtual receptionists.

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Advantages of Virtual Answering Service

Customer service trends suggest that phone calls are getting more important than ever. 

Plus, virtual receptionist for small business are for more beneficial business operations and smooth sailing. Here are a few reasons why; 

  • Virtual receptionists can answer your calls when you are busy. 

Do not let incoming calls get in the way of your organization’s productivity. A virtual receptionist can engage with prospects while handling inquiries and issues in addition to collecting critical information/data when you are preoccupied. 

  • Virtual Answering Service can answer the inflow of calls even when you are closed.

Instead of letting potential customers turn calls to voicemail, or making cuts to your personal time to make yourself available, draw in the strength of virtual receptionist services – the best from Dialify. 

  • Best Virtual Receptionist Services help save money

With Dialify virtual receptionist services – you won’t have to hire a full in-house receptionist for customer services. Virtual receptionists can fulfill similar roles at a fraction of the costs of hiring and training employees. 

  • Virtual receptionists are here to boost your customer satisfaction rates. 

Humanizing contacts can boost customer loyalty. This has been proven time and again. 80% of customers are very likely to become your returning customer after getting a positive phone exchange.  

Want to know how we sound? Get in touch with Dialify today, and we will offer you a free call to listen to exactly what your customers will hear.