Third Party Verification

With its headquarters based in Canada, Dialify is an all-in-one call center solution company from which you can outsource a range of services from. At Dialify, we offer budget-friendly, professional, and authentic services for all firms. We understand that the consumers require that businesses provide excellent and reliable services and interestingly, it is precisely one of our core values to support and offer excellent services for firms at all times. We offer one of the most technologically advanced telemarketing platforms in the industry and have a skilled team driven by passion. At Dialify, we offer competent, reliable, and Third Party Verification services to help our customers build and maintain an elevated customer experience. Our Third Party Verification service is renowned for simplifying processes through the excellent aid from our professional crew. You can get in touch with us today to outsource our sterling services from any part of the world.

What Is Out Third Party Verification (TPV) Service About?

At Dialify, our Third Party Verification (TPV) services are renowned for their accuracy and reliability. It consists of verifying a client’s credentials to cross-examine the credibility and accuracy of the information they have offered the company. We have a diverse crew of skilled agents who will verify all information provided by the customer via our sterling call center services. It is to ensure that the further processes regarding sales can run smoother and hassle-free. Third Party Verification may be required by customers who desire to update particular pieces of information but lacks the tangible copy because they are doing so online.

Our Excellent Order Tracking & Status Inquiry Services

Moreover, at Dialify, Third Party Verification also refers to the verification of the manufacturing processes of a product. It gives the product a seal of approval which makes it easy for the customers to identify quality and authenticity. Sometimes, customers are also particular about not using unethical products which makes the Third Party Verification absolutely necessary to attain. Here’s what we offer within our Third Party Verification (TPV) Services:

Live Operator TPV

We provide this service for those clients who are looking for live interactions with their customers. Dialify’s team will take care of real-time interactions with your clientele to add a taste of high quality and personalization to your services. Our trained staff will meet all standards of call center solutions that will allow your customers to view your brand as professional, competent, and reliable whenever they get in touch with us.

Custom Call Scripts

When you are interacting with customers, there are a lot of variables which will affect the conversation adversely. It is best to come prepared with a prewritten and memorized script that can be customized for each category of customers. From there it becomes simpler to interact and connect with customers, & also provide them with the right assistance.

Record-keeping of Transactions

Our agents will record all transactions that take place during the call. We will take efficient steps to ensure that those transactions are error-free and are easily available to you after the call. All call recordings are kept safe and transferred electronically so that you never have to lose your precious records with customers.

Modifications in Call Scripts

Should you feel like you need a different tone, wording, or language in our scripts, worry not and just get back in touch with us. We will alter the scripts according to your requirements to ensure we fulfill all your demands when interacting with your customers.

Automatic TPV

When running a sales campaign, having an automatic TPV becomes critical. At Dialify, we will provide you with personalized automatic TPV services that you may require for a variety of purposes. Rely on us and contact us today

Benefits Of Attaining Third Party Verification Services

Here are the top benefits you can attain once you get our excellent Third Party Verification services:

Risk Analysis

Working with Dialify’s third party verifier crew allows you to be aware of potential upcoming risks. Our team is quick to spot areas that require enhancements and can also identify the opportunities for growth for you. Get in touch with us today to avail our excellent risk analysis.

Improves Internal Processes

More often than not, Third Party Verification agents can point out the weaknesses in your system that may have skipped your assessment. It allows you to cover the gaps that require improvement and enhance the overall internal processes. Get in touch with us today to avail yourself of these services.

Enhances Data Accuracy

Dialify’s team of third party verifiers will have an external perspective on your data and will be able to offer you more objective approaches to tackle issues. Contact us today!

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