One of the leading providers of telemarketing services based in Canada, Dialify offers an all-in-one solution for energy suppliers. At Dialify, we offer budget-friendly, professional, and authentic services regarding teleselling for energy suppliers.With the ever-changing dynamics of the energy industry, customers demand new ways of doing business. This shift in consumer demands requires that energy suppliers provide excellent service to their customers. Interestingly, it is precisely one of our core values to support and offer excellent teleselling services for energy supplier firms at all times. We offer one of the most technologically advanced telemarketing platforms in the industry and have a skilled team driven by passion.


Telemarketing, or teleselling, is a technique to sell a product/service to a customer over a phone call. It is efficient, convenient, and builds positive customer relationships over time. It allows us to generate more significant revenue for the energy-provider firms we work for and build immediate rapport with the clients. Moreover, gaining insightful feedback from their customers becomes much easier. Telemarketing for energy providers is an exceptional service at Dialify. Therefore, we mean sheer hard work and dedication in our assistance when we say' telemarketing'.

Here is what we offer you:

Upsell your utility services to a new customer

Building rapport with your customers

Generate leads and sales

Convert potential customers into loyal customers

Cross-sell new packages of your utility service to existing, brand-loyal customers

Compel customers to upsell without getting on their nerves

Advertise energy-saving programs to your clientele to magnify sales

Benefits Of Dialify’s Telemarketing

Other than Dialify’s experience and reliability, there are multiple other perks that contacting Dialify will offer you. Learn more about the benefits of telemarketing for an energy provider company, here:

Magnify Sales

Sales come from customers, and we specialize in persuading customers to make those sales. We rely on our teleselling script which is customized according to each energy provider’s specific requirements. The experts at Dialify ensure to convertpotential customers to your regular clientele.

All-inclusive BPO Services

In simple words, BPO means you can outsource our services and supervise them as you like. You can also set the rules and requirements for us to follow through.

Reach Expansion

You may not realize how largely telemarketing enhances your utility business reach. Let us advertise your utility service to multiple continents and watch as your service gets demanded globally. It allows you to build a reputable name in multiple countries and expand your utility business into more continents across the world.

Lead Response Tools

At Dialify, we use lead response tools such as x y z to create marketing opportunities. It is an additional service that comes our excellent telemarketing service for our energy supplier clientele.

Better Relationship With Customers

Our pleasant, talented, and professional staff knows how to build immediate rapport with your customers. Potential clientele may sometimes be frustrated with their existing energy provider. In those cases, our experts spontaneously modify their persuasive methods to convert them into your regular client.

Reduction In Operational Expenses

Many energy providers spend thousands of dollars monthly in advertisements, solely because they used the wrong channels. At Dialify, we specializein cost reduction. You will no longer generate expenses, such as on buying equipment and recruiting telemarketing staff. Save time and rely on our professionals to upsell your services to your clientele. Our methods are quick, effective, tried, and tested.

Reliable Uptime

Uptime refers to the time during which a machine is operational. For a utility provider firm, running low on uptime is catastrophic. It directly affects the reliability of your utility services. Therefore, Dialify ensures to have a reliable uptime. Your clientele can reach out any time during the day or night; we will be there to take care of their needs.

It Truly Works

Contrary to the myths, telemarketing services work. Especially for utility providers, it is more reliable than excessive advertising on multiple social media platforms and still not reaching the right audience. With Dialify, we will identify the right audience for you and ensure that they see your energy services as a ‘need’ when we contact them.

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Organizations who handle their telemarketing in-house find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demands of marketing campaigns and maintain customer relations. However, with the help of the valuable experienced, we gained in the past seven years and our talented personnel; we will make your telemarketing dreams a reality.