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With a number of social media platforms coming up, customer support through social media is undergoing a massive evolution. The online communication is slowly moving from private, anonymous, and one-to-one channel towards a more public one-to-many channel. Social media has been majorly responsible for changing the face of business customer service. With the ongoing social media revolution, businesses need to rethink ways to interact with their customers.

What Is Our Social Media Customer Services About?

Customers today prefer to use different channels to communicate with companies. Organizations need to understand customer expectations and market requirements to provide apt solutions. We, at Dialify, can provide customer support to your clients through social media channels and create a favorable and long-lasting impression.

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Services We Offer

We, at Dialify, believe in staying updated with the latest market trends and providing the client with the best experience. Customer expectations are at an all-time high and they need to be addressed very carefully. Most of the people are on one social media channel or the other. Companies are expected to provide customer support through these channels. They need to identify client preferences and requirements, and make maximum use of this opportunity. We specialize at professionally handling social media channels and providing customized support to their customers.

As a part of our services, we can perform the following tasks for our clients -

Community Management

• Schedule and publish relevant posts on all social media portals
• Monitor and respond to user comments and queries
• Collaborate and sort out issues with customer service representatives
• Listen to the feedback and look for possible solutions
• Track important social media metrics and trends
• Provide weekly/monthly reports of interactions on social media

Content Creation

• Write new and trendy content for posting on all social media handles
• Find and create images and videos for social media sharing
• Write content to convey message in 140 characters (twitter feeds)
• Collect information from different departments about services

Social Media Strategy Planning

• Design and plan social media strategies with company initiatives
• Collect and utilize data to inform and revise the engagement strategies
• Collaborate with the content strategist to create new content
• Check with the legal department for compliance of posts
• Grow targeted networks on all different social media channels

Social Media Research

• Research on the latest trending topics and posts
• Research complex and escalated situations and their solutions
• Research on new tools and technologies and ways to make services better

Relationship Building

• Respond to customer queries and build good relations
• Develop, nurture, and maintain relationships with clients
• Understand different cultures and serve customers accordingly
• Build company brand image through friendly interactions

Social Media Channels We Provide Support For

We handle customer support for our clients on all social media channels. Apart from the regular social media channels, we can also provide support on some of your internal tools and personalized social media platforms. Some of the social media channels we offer help in include but are not limited to -

Outsource Social Media Customer Support Services to Us

Providing a good customer support is more important now than ever before. We at Dialify understand this, and use this opportunity to create long-lasting relations for our customers by providing their clients the best possible resolution within a fast turnaround. Dialify has been providing top-quality social media customer services and a host of other call center services to clients around the globe. We deliver a responsive customer support service at cost-effective rates and help companies to actively structure the conversation by involving clients before and after purchases. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, dynamic, and cost-effective social customer service provider, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us today!

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