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One of the leading providers of telemarketing services based in Canada, Dialify offers an all-in-one solution for energy suppliers. At Dialify, we offer budget-friendly, professional, and authentic services regarding teleselling for energy suppliers.With the ever-changing dynamics of the energy industry, customers demand new ways of doing business. This shift in consumer demands requires that energy suppliers provide excellent service to their customers. Interestingly, it is precisely one of our core values to support and offer excellent teleselling services for energy supplier firms at all times. We offer one of the most technologically advanced telemarketing platforms in the industry and have a skilled team driven by passion.

What Is Our Order Taking Service About?

At Dialify, our Order Taking process comprises taking orders from your customers on your behalf. Our professional crew will ensure to record error-free transactions of your customers’ orders, secure the transaction detail, verify information whenever required, and then deliver on the customer’s order. It has become an essential service for businesses that want to reduce their office, rent, and utility costs. Dialify offers 100% online services, so on-site, infrastructure costs are nil. Let us take a look at this comprehensive list of services that we offer within our inbound phone order taking and answering services.

Taking Orders Through An Inbound Call

We have trained staff that holds immeasurably valuable experience within the field. They will be in charge of receiving calls that your clients make regarding orders. With pleasant and supportive interactions, our crew may also generate orders

Accurate Delivery Of The Order

Dialify’s versatile crew is also ready to extend their accurate delivery services of the order. To elaborate, it means that the crew will ensure that the order delivery process is impeccable and smooth.

Error-free Record Of Orders

At Dialify, our expert staff is quick and well-versed with inbound order taking services through a phone call. We have a proven track record to ensure you of our service’s impeccability. We understand that any errors while recording an order can leave an adverse impact on a company’s goodwill; hence, our crew has been instructed to double-check the order and offer faultless services.

Error-free Record Of Transactions

Recording transactions that have already taken place is an essential part of our order taking services. It allows us to verify the amount of orders that have been delivered on and paid for. We offer organized and faultless records of the data. Additional linked perk: you can always ask for this data to go through the transactions that have been accounted for.

Answering Questions

We understand that, often, customers just need us to answer their queries. They may not be calling to place an order. Hence, our experts have been trained to interact with your customers pleasantly and answer all their relevant questions with ease.

Sending Information

Just like answering questions, Dialify’s dedicated crew in charge will also ensure to send the clientele any relevant information about your products if they require. Oftentimes, it aids the customer to place an order much quicker. Should they have any follow-up questions, our crew will interact with them to answer them all accurately.

Securing The Order & Transaction Data

At Dialify, we understand the significance of keeping the data secure. The data contains personal information about the client such as name, address, order details, etc. that needs to be kept safe at all costs. Hence, our experts will always ensure to keep it secure. Moreover, keeping the data secure also allows us to provide proofs of transaction details whenever required. It is a practice to ensure zero frauds

Customer Support Service (Optional)

This is an additional service that we may provide under this domain when asked to. It depends totally on the client’s need. At Dialify, we offer excellent customer support service whenever needed to ensure easy communication with the clientele. Our customer support agents will answer queries, deal with complaints, and gain valuable insight from your clientele to enhance their experience.

Benefits Of Dialify’s Telemarketing

Other than Dialify’s experience and reliability, there are multiple other perks that contacting Dialify will offer you. Learn more about the benefits of telemarketing for an energy provider company, here:

Trained And Experienced Crew

Our crew in charge has been trained to take orders via phone call. Hence, there are no human errors when they keep records. Moreover, our crew always double-checks with the customer to ensure that they deliver the right order when it is time.

Multi-lingual Support

Our staff is diverse and multi-lingual which enables them to interact with people of that speak different languages. It also offers greater familiarity between the client and the agent that typically generates an order quicker.

Impeccable Records

With the valuable experience and training that we give our employees, they have a proven track record of providing impeccability in their recording services. You can rely on us.

24/7 Support Services

Different time zones are no problem when you outsource from Dialify. Our services are 24/7 and we offer our services to all countries

The most reliable, competent, and ISO 18925 certified call center solution company for energy suppliers based in Canada

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At Dialify, we take pride in providing our clientele with excellent, competent, and reliable inbound call center service that you can outsource from any part of the world. You can rest in our knowledge, skills, and experience to extend the best services to any global client. Our services are not limited to a country or two, so feel free to get in touch with us even if you are from a different region. Our large variety of services within our inbound call center service domain is yours to take your pick from. Whichever service you require, choose it and contact us – our crew of professionals will be there for you.


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