Offering the best medical/patient care is every healthcare provider’s main goal. One of the most needed tasks of a medical practitioner’s work is staying accessible with timely med answering service to the patients and their associates – all the time and every time possible.

Medical Answering Services

Timely and individual medical answering becomes improbable considering the busy schedules the healthcare workers go through. This is where a professional and efficient Medicaid answering service takes care of the need – acting as a medical virtual receptionist and more aspects of med answering. A Med answering service is an answer for people who need to stay in touch with their colleagues, administrative staff, and most importantly, patients. Bigger healthcare providers face difficulties when calling upon patients to confirm appointments with them. Patient follow up without a reliable Medicaid answering service can become a tiring and elongated task when the people involved are either busy or can’t be reached.

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Choosing Medicaid Answering Service works to help you with this dilemma by offering quality and stellar med answering service that is second to none. We get in touch with patients during and after business hours and email them, so they receive our message whenever they are active on their accounts. Our doctors answering service, healthcare answering service along with the medical virtual receptionist makes life comfortable for you, your staff and patients while being planned around the specific needs of your medical place of work.

Med Answering Service

Our Medical answering services are far and wide, and we serve all medical fields, including multiple and single physician practices, home healthcare answering service, doctors answering service, pharmaceutical groups, medical answering services, holistic med answering service, and even infirmaries – all of these and more around the clock, 7 days a week basis.

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What Do You Get With Med Answering? Medicaid answering service for your medical practice, the establishment includes sending out messages/emails/calls to patients, and other associated people, including your staff, colleagues, and pharmaceutical groups. Our Med answering service handles emergency & non-emergency calls. Dialify’s trained team is equipped to carry out all this and more operations with ease and efficacy. Our medical virtual receptionist are equipped with customized answering scripts specific to your special requirements – our team follows it to the books in all communications and interactions.

What Is Included In Our Medical Answering Services?

The following features are offered to healthcare providers under our Medicaid answering service:

Customer Services Call - Inbound
Confirmation & Appointment Reminder Calls/messages/emails
Paging Medic Staff: Doctors And Nurses In Case Of Emergencies
Appointment Scheduling
Patient/customer Helpdesk Medical Answering Services
Calls Answering, Screening, Processing And Dispatching
Medical Virtual Receptionist Services

In addition to all of the above features, we also offer more select services to your medical practice and your customers, such as:

Call Documentation And Reports As And When You Need Those
Web Access For Updating Information About Your Patients And Practice
A Complete And Functioning Message Centre To Dispatch & Record Messages
Message Access For Medical, Professionals Through Emails, Mobile Phones, PDAs Or Voicemail

Benefits of using Dialify’s Healthcare Answering Service

The advantages of our healthcare and doctors’ answering service include but are not limited to:

24/7 Support

Medical emergencies are unpredictable and can occur at any time; in such scenarios, your patients should easily be able to reach you during their time of need. However, that doesn’t mean you stay in the office 24/7. What you can do is outsource your post hour communication/interaction channels/calls to – and we will handle all your Medicaid answering services professionally for you and your practice.

Never Missing A Call

Never again will you miss a call; our team is always there to cover all your communication channels and build a self-functioning system for all calls/inquiries. We offer you a medical virtual receptionist as a live operator who answers all calls in your company’s name. Rest assured that all of your customers will be greeted by our courteous and professional live operators.

Flexible Billing

Dialify offers wide-ranging and flexible billing options that suit your med answering service needs. Not only that, but we house a team of professional and experienced staff that are trained in multiple areas, including communication, customer relationship building and more. Our staff is constantly exposed to exchanges and interactions that happen in a medical environment.

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