Media Transcription

Media transcription revolves around converting video and audio products into text files. Applications for media transcription lie from documentaries, TV shows to lectures, presentations or lessons.
The word media is identical to communication, with an aim that it is used to spread information to a larger audience – as larger as possible. Media creators stress upon access and visibility of their products and transcription of audio or video products becomes useful for that.

Media Transcription Services

Media transcription is a bustling industry today, with all major media powerhouses around the world seeking quality transcription services at competitive market prices. Dialify media transcription services meet customer demands with additional benefits that are unmatched. Dialify has been providing high-quality, superior and accurate media transcription services to individual journalists and media houses for a long time. As a leading media transcription services provider, Dialify maintains high standards of quality, capability and capacity delivery of huge volumes of transcription work.

How are Dialify Media Transcription Services different?

  1. Dialify provides well-formatted and accurate transcripts as required by our customers
  2.  Transcription services at Dialify cover a varying range of audio visual media content, public forums, interview recordings,
    webcasts, press conferences, documentary and feature reports.
  3.  We also offer subtitling and captioning of TV shows, movies etc.
  4.  Services include gamut of news stories, testimonials, interviews, project personnel one-on-ones, and more
  5.  We have the expertise to transcribe from any of the digital sources, including audio formats; DSS, AS, WAV, MOV, MP3,
    MP4, RA, AIFF, MPEG4, MP2, DVF. WMA and VOX among many others.
  6.  The transcribed output can be provided in any format which is preferred by the customer.
  7.  We also offer customized media transcription services within the customer specifications.
  8.  Experts at Dialify have experience in transcribing B-Roll footage with added features such as brief depiction of scenes
  9.  Dialify’s free time coding/time stamping services are accurate, reliable and correct

Our Media Transcription Services

Our media transcription services include but are not limited to;

Advertisement Transcription Services
Movie Script Transcription Services
Podcast TranscriptionS ervices
Oral History Interview Transcription
Microcassette Transcription Services
Television Transcription Services
Multimedia Transcription Services
Entertainment Transcription Services
Property Transcription Services
Animation Transcription Services

Why Outsource To Dialify?

There are tons of reasons why you should outsource media transcription services to Dialify which include but are not limited to;

Dialify caters to a huge clientele made up of reputed television media production companies. Independent content creators, documentary producers and various other media professionals.

We offer enhanced outputs, efficiency, and reduced operating costs to customers owing to the services of our expert transcriptions, quality analysts, editors, proofreaders and editors

Our cost effective prices come with no compromise to quality of media transcription services. We have impressed our customers with stellar services and have ensure long term partnerships

We provide accurate, guaranteed excellent transcripts in ready to publish format, all sent within a swift and quick turnaround time

Modern and state-of-the art transcription software with fully secure server for maximum and absolute security and confidentiality

24/7 services to cater to an international clientele around the world

Dialify - Your Best Transcription Outsourcing Partner

In the cut-throat competitive world of media with massive competition on every side, Our media transcription services offer our customers a competitive edge and peace of mind. Our motto is to offer professional transcription services at market competitive prices. We are committed to customer growth, satisfaction, confidentiality and time efficiency via our premium services. Get in touch for more information and details. We are looking forward to hearing from you

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