Lead Qualification

Dialify is known for its offering reliability, versatility, and timeliness in its competent services to its universal customers. Dialify holds immeasurably valuable experience in providing inbound call center services to its intercontinental clientele. Among our inbound call center services, Lead Qualification is getting increasing popular as the world has gone digital more rapidly after COVID-19.

What Is Lead Qualification?

Lead Qualification is an integral component of a sales strategy. It involves figuring out which customers are more likely to make a purchase and then ensuring that they do. At Dialify, we understand that Lead Qualification is an essential process that lets a company secure higher revenue and efficiently allocate marketing resources. Hence, our Lead Qualification service is a multi-step process. It comprises collecting a lead’s contact information and then comparing their profile to a typical customer who makes an actual purchase. If it matches the profile, the lead transforms into a prospect. Further from here, the process may involve a representative who will get in touch with the prospect, thoroughly discuss their needs, budget, and buying authority. It aims to assess whether the prospect is an adequate candidate to pursue further.

Here is a checklist of shortlisted questions that we try to answer before we finalize a lead to be a prospect:

Does This Person Really Want To Buy What We Are Selling?

Answering this question makes it simpler to identify if the customer is actually shopping or just casually browsing. To further
make certain that we land the right lead, we utilize the pop-up chat feature. We can ask the following questions within this
chat that helps us reach the right prospect instead of just another false lead:
• Are you looking to purchase this product?
• Do you want to learn more about our pricing plans?
• Is there any way I can help you?
These questions help us get in touch with the lead and determine whether they are a prospect. If the answer to any of the
questions mentioned above is negative, it becomes evident that the lead cannot be pursued further. On the other hand, positive answers to the aforementioned questions leave more room for the lead to transition into a prospect.

Does The Lead’s Budget Align With The Product’s Price?

Successful Lead Generation and Qualification rely heavily on this question. A lead with an interest in the product, but budgetary constraints, is a fruitless lead. Typically, people are casually browsing or adding items to their ‘To-Buy List’ when they have
a limited budget. Hence, we ensure to interact with the lead and assess whether their budget is big enough to fit the products.
Here are a few questions that we ask a typical lead:
• What (substitute) product do you use as of now?
• What is your (budgetary) range?
• Do you feel like our products are reasonably priced?
These questions are an integral part of our assessment as they enable us to identify the financial range of the customer’s
spending. Knowing about the substitute product gives us a fair idea about the amount of money the lead would be willing to
pay. If there are any answers that indicate hesitance in making purchasing decisions based on price, the probability of the
lead transitioning into a prospect becomes thin.

Is The Buyer’s Timeline Compatible With Our Selling Timeline?

Identifying whether the lead is seeking to buy the product right now is an essential part. More often than not, even potential
customers have a relative and dynamic timeline. Just because a lead is not ready to make a purchase right now does not
mean that the lead would not come back to make a purchase in the future. Hence, at Dialify, we keep an eye out for such prospective clientele too. Here are a few questions that we ask them to know the most suitable time to reach out to them regarding a purchase:
• When do you wish to purchase this product?
• What stage of a purchase journey are you on?
• Are you casually browsing vendors or wish to finalize one?
These questions help us determine whether the lead should be pursued further. We ensure to do a follow-up with the prospect
once their timeline is identified. More often than not, leads transition into buyers when the timing is right.

Benefits of using Dialify’s Healthcare Answering Service

The advantages of our healthcare and doctors’ answering service include but are not limited to:

Personalization of Messages

Customized messages to each customer offers better communication and relationship, both. Similar jargon and tone in text allows greater familiarity for the prospect

Better Relationship with the Lead

Being in touch with the lead directly enables us to build a good relationship and maintain it for the future

Seal More

When we contact leads and determine them to be prospects, converting them into buyers is our forte.

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