Are audio transcription services ideal for bridging the gap?

In this blog post, we will be going through everything you must know about the benefits of incorporating audio transcription services and voice transcription services into your business operations.

Audio Transcription

The most asked query we get is what is audio transcription?
To put it simply, the audio or voice transcription services are speech-to-text conversions. Yes, the same thing you did in preschool when the teacher dictated your sentences to improve your writing skills. Audio transcription is not limited to a teacher’s dictation; the example will give you a fair idea of what is being discussed here.
Audio transcription services are the need of the hour in modern industries, from business meetings to speeches and courtroom legal proceedings. To make it simpler to understand – think about converting digital recordings into texts – sounds familiar? Yes, this is what transcription is all about.
When you say what audio transcription is – at the core, it is the written version of any verbal speech.

Audio Hour in Transcription Services

This is the second most frequently asked query by transcriptionists. An hour in transcription refers to the time needed for converting one hour of audio into written text. The base time for a 1-hour audio conversion to text is 4 hours.
The mentioned time is only a standard. And the quality of the audio clarity and speed, plus the skills of the transcriptionist, will also affect the final time needed to transcribe one hour of audio. The noisier or the bad audio quality can immensely affect the time required for transcription.
When we talk about an audio hour in transcription, it essentially means the time needed to transcribe 1 hour audio.


Dialify Audio Transcription Services

What do you stand to gain with our best audio transcription services?

Efficiency and Speed

With a team of professional transcribers at our disposal – no job is too big. Get instant transcriptions to your phone in minutes of sending us the project. Our team is a dedicated resource of individuals – working around the clock to offer the best audio transcription services in the world.

Text Scrutiny

The tools we use come with text analysis features enabling the advanced representation of text as data that later may be used to fetch insights and pattern analysis.

Speech Analysis

Our services come with state-of-the-art tools offering the capability to analyze speech patterns. We carry out dedicated and precise speech analysis to understand the speech content and understand spoken words with precise accuracy.

Multiple Speaker Detection

We are equipped to advance multiple speaker recognition with our detection tools helping identify speakers via partitioning of the audio stream into smaller homogeneous segments.


Value Adding Features of Dialify Audio Transcription Services

  1. Multiple formats for project delivery 
  2. Project summary generation 
  3. Real-time translation
  4. Sentiment recognition

What are the benefits and advantages of Audio Transcription?

Audio transcription services have many benefits and value additions for your business goals and objectives.
To start with, businesses and individuals can leverage the affordability and accuracy of audio transcription services as a value addition to their video/audio content.
Organizations can also use audio transcription services to generate and record files for webinars, client meetings or group meetings.
Another benefit of audio and voice transcription services is that it helps businesses reach a broader range of audience, creating text in multiple languages. Also, generating email marketing content from a famous video is another massive value addition of audio transcription services. Moreover, services can also be used to generate a detailed blog post through a popular podcast episode.


Dialify as your Best Audio Transcription Partner

All due to the highly qualified, diversely experienced, and professional team of experts, Dialify has put itself in a race of recognized transcription services providers. Dialify enjoys the lead in the industry with its powerful, advanced, and efficient services.
Audio transcription services are being used by many leading industry businesses worldwide, and Dialify is a recognized leader in cognitive transcription services.

Why Outsource to Dialify?

Dialify is a leader in multiple industries for offering the best audio transcription services to a number of varying industries and businesses. Our work is prompt, precise, and highly data-oriented – never missing details and creating results that are dependable and can be extended for varying needs and requirements. Dialify can become a true partner for your business objective and goals realization – expanding them further for needs that do not even exist at the moment. For more information and inquiries, contact us now.