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Welcome to Dialify

With over a demi-decade worth of experience in the field, Dialify is the fastest-growing, Canadian-based, ISO 18295 certified call center solution company for energy suppliers. We believe in establishing Dialify as a renowned, reliable, and competent service provider on a global scale which is why we provide our services to three different continents. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority; therefore, our services are implemented by a team of experts only. We do not compromise on the quality of our work, so feel stress-free when you contact Dialify to cater to your requirements

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Customized sales

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Trained and
multi-lingual staff

Business Model

Our business model is built on our potential to assist the intricate, varied, and evolving essentials of our clients, many of whom are trade-leading establishments serviceable in modulated industries.

We take pride in the fact that we overtax our abilities when interacting with clients. This is one of our ways to ensure that each client’s demands are understood and panaceas that provide maximum utility to them are offered.

Dialify is an adaptable and synergistic company that can shape customized solutions with direct involvement and deliver finer outcomes at full tilt without falling short on value.

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At Dialify, about 120 seats are kept for multi-lingual personnel to make certain that the service offered does not face the threat ofa language barrier when interacting with companies around the globe.

Our highly qualified and trained staff will carry out excellent, B2C telemarketing service for you while you can focus on something other than the marketing of your services. This team of professionals will handle it all for your company by calling each customer one-by-one and compellingly advertising your energy and utility services to them.


Dialify offers you to exploit the valuable experience gained from 7 years of successful and expert telemarketing. Since we deal only with energy provider firms and therefore have a vast prior knowledge of the field, the personnel in charge will also take care of the technical questions that clients may ask.

Over the years, Dialify has made over 25,000 customers with 80% customer retention rate.

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For you, Dialify will generate sales and note down billing information with utmost care. The billing and payment information will be forwarded to you as we understand the sensitivity of a customer’s privacy.

Customer data is a highly sensitive matter, and we take it seriously. All information related to your customer’s billing and payment will be provided to you through the appropriate channels.

Under no circumstances will we reveal a different client’s information that is irrelevant to you, and vice versa. We prioritize the safety of customer data as we aim to build security and reliability for all our clients.