5 Easy Steps to Create A Stellar And Credible Brand Identity

Each organization and business is different in the ways it runs and in the ways it presents itself.
However, all brands share the desire to communicate with the target audience about how their services or products can offer a solution to customer-specific pain points. This is where translation services, customer care support and lead generation services take the lead in creating a credible brand identity.
But that’s not all – the brand identity is a collection of serious efforts on multiple fronts, from the color palette, logo, imagery, and content to the positioning of each element of your brand identity.

What is a brand identity?

Brand identity is every element of your brand that communicates something about who you are as a business, what you stand for and what should your customer expect from you. In doing so, designing and implementing a crystal-clear brand identity is important to ensure your target audience fully understands the business they want to engage in.
Below we have aligned 5 easy steps to create a stellar and credible brand identity, so if you are wondering how to create a credible brand identity, this blog post is for you.



A brand must always look into where its sources are being put and if/how they are contributing to the brand.
Take in a thorough audit to establish how your current brand strategy is doing. The primary purpose of branding is to make sure you reach the target audience with the relatable right message and positioning your brand in the competitive market in a way that helps your business goals.
This is a good opportunity to partake in market research for a better understanding of the audience, their precise needs and problems, and how they are currently perceiving your brand. All of this helps you understand and review your competitive position – so you can work with better and clear strategies with Lead generation services.

Brand Diversity

For making a credible and clear identity of a brand – it must be underpinned by a well-known or defined unique selling point. So, ask yourself, what do you offer that competitors don’t? This is much crucial for any customer to know what makes your products and services unique – and as a brand communicating such should be your top priority. Why? Doing so will help your value proposition and set your business apart from the competition.
Pro-Tip: branding yourself as an expert in the industry and highlighting the value proposition and industry credentials with expertise will give you authority and help you stand out, in addition to setting you apart from the competition.


Localization and Translation Services

If you are planning to go global or international, you need to up your localization game.
For that, go for stellar translation services from Dialify. Brands that are entering the international/multi-national markets must go for good localization translation services.
This is of dual importance – first, you need to understand the local sentiment about a particular product or service to target the audience, and second, a brand never wants to offend people of a culture/school of thought or background with misguided/oops advertising.
Localization can be done in multiple ways, from saying your brand name a bit differently so others can pronounce it easily and more.
We shall discuss on this more in our next blog – so stay tuned.

Brand Creatives

After defining who you are, what your business is about, what you stand for in the market and what you want to communicate to the customers – all of the creative elements include;

  • Logo
  • Color Palette
  • Voice/Content Tones
  • Web/Social assets 
  • Merchandizing elements
    All of these collectively need to reflect your brand identity. 

Your brand creatives need to tell a consistent brand story that is prompted to engage and resonate with target audiences while generating a unique look and feel to which customers will recognize and can relate. 


Creating Brand Experience

We have already discussed how translation services go hand in hand with lead generation services. Expanding on that, a business must also work for a clear brand experience.
Offline and online experiences of a brand will vary to some extent; however, consistency will solidify your brand and the holistic brand strategy. No matter what media or channel your target customers use, they should be able to recognize the prime elements of your brand and must feel like they are interacting with a single business.
Be it engagement from your website, social media page, or any other platform in their journey with your brand – the customers’ experience must always be consistent.
If you want to create a stellar brand identity or need assistance in the operation of the business – get in touch with Dialify today.